By purchasing and downloading Mockups you are being granted a license to use the files for specific uses under certain conditions.

  • “Mockups” and “Animated Device Mockups” means the materials that are purchased through or adjacent to this site.
  • By-products, such as any visuals that originate from a Mockup, including exported images and videos, (whether in whole or in part) must also comply with these restrictions.

Your Purchase

When you purchase a Mockup you are purchasing a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the Mockups to create both commercial and personal works. You may produce a single By-product for yourself or for a customer and offer that item to them for any cost you like. The license will then be transferred to your customer. Mockups do not come with an extended license; for uses outside those permitted, express written agreement must be obtained. Your purchase does not include updates; if you wish to download any new Mockups, you will need to make an additional purchase.

Mockups MAY:
  • Be used in applications and websites. For example, to enhance your application’s home screen, on your website to showcase a design project you worked on, or in your presentation to highlight a project you worked on
  • Be used commercially and in personal works
  • Be altered in design as you see fit, for example, adding or removing backgrounds; or other items into the Mockup scene

Mockups MAY NOT:
  • Be distributed with templates, themes, other mockups, websites, applications or with any item whose intention or purpose allows or enables another party to edit or modify the item which incorporates a By-product
  • Be used in any print-on-demand, or on-demand product or service
  • Be sub-licensed, re-licensed, resold, or given away
  • Be transferred as stand-alone items or in any instance that contributes to the primary purpose of another item